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Updated May 2010 Super DMX Shield - An Arduino DMX interface

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January 2011 Interactive Lighting with Arduino @ Space Studio's, London
Mid November 2010 Digital Painting @ the Bartlett's Adaptive Architecture and Computation, London
Early November 2010 Interactive Lighting @ Umea, Sweden
June 2010 Introduction to Arduino with Wits Hacksaws, Johannesburg
April/May 2010 Interactive Lighting with Arduino
April 2010 Intro to Arduino with Kingston University: Fashion Design
April 2010 Arduino to Processing with OpenLab
March 2010 Intro to Arduino with Kingston University: Product Design
February 2010 Intro to Arduino with MzTek
Autumn 2009 Physical Computing @ Goldsmiths
October 2009 OpenLab - Intro to Arduino
July 2009 SAII is on its way!
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