Super DMX Shield

Welcome to the Super DMX Shield!

What is it?

This shield converts your Arduino into a DMX broadcast device. It is compatible with the DMX Simple Library made by Tinker It. Download V3 and install it to get started!
Some useful information:

The difference between this shield and the others is simply that it offers a number of easy inputs and outputs which I've found very helpul when developing DMX systems.

Example code

There are two examples that can be downloaded here

This image demonstrates the resulting values from example02 on Artistic License's extremely useful DMX Tester!

The Super DMX Fly Lead

I use a fly lead or an RJ45 connector to connect the Super DMX Shield to DMX receiving devices.

Please note that the Pin Outs (P1, P2 & P3) correspond to the typical DMX pinouts of 3 pin xlr and 5 pin dmx connectors.They are intended to plug right into the Super DMX Shield in the are behind the RJ45 connector. The pins are marked GND, D+ and D-

Parts List

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